Non-staff sales

Also known as “sales without a sales team” generally refers to a business model where a company sells its products or services without the need for a dedicated sales team. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, such as automation, self-service platforms, and drive sales.

For example, companies can use online platforms, such as b2b e-commerce portal, to sell their products directly to Clients. These platforms can be set up to allow the Client to purchase products or services without the need for interaction with a sales representative.

After purchase, the order:

  1. The order appears automatically in the company system(s) (ERP, WMS, CRM, TMS).
  2. Feedback is sent to the Сlients’ system integrated with b2b web-portal.
  3. The Client is notified via push alerts, email, or callbacks when the order status changes.

“Sales without a sales team” can be beneficial as it can:

  • reduce costs associated with sales staff,
  • allow businesses to reach a larger number of Clients and markets,
  • improves Clients experiences because it reduces human factors and errors,
  • improves Client trust in the supplier,
  • facilitates the closing and inspection of big deals.

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