The main stages of our work

Requirements Discovery

We gather information from the customer with the help of the questionnaire created based on several projects. Our experience shows that it is the key to a successful project.

1. We send the questionnaire to the customer (200 questions).

2. We fill out the questionnaire together with the SME of the customer:

  • We conduct  3-4 interviews, 1.5 – 2 h each
  • We analyze information

3. We create a Requirements discovery summary. The document will contain:

  • Main functional requirements
  • List of the requirements that iAM-Trade does not cover
  • List of critical functionalities which are a must in order for the project to Go-live (go into Production)

Requirements discovery summary

Delivery Time: 

2 – 3 weeks

The business analyst is examining the summary of requirements discovery displayed on the board.

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