Customers and Consumers

Who are the customers and how are they different from the consumers?

Customers and consumers are frequently used interchangeably, but their meanings might vary slightly depending on the context.

Consider these in the context of E-Commerce.

Customers are individuals or entities who purchase a product or service. They have a business relationship with the Portal’s owner, and their primary objective is to make purchases for business purposes.

In contrast, Consumers are individuals or households that utilize goods and services. They may or may not be clients of the Portal’s owner, as they may purchase goods or services from other companies. Consumers concentrate on the consumption or use of a product or service and how it will fulfill their wishes and needs.

Customers are those who purchase a product, whereas consumers are those who utilize the product.

For example,

    • If the Buyer buys a hammer for use in the household – he is the Consumer.
      However, if the Buyer purchases a hammer for his construction project, he is the Customer.
    • The Consumer purchases motor oil and a filters and maintains his personal vehicle.
      The Customer purchases the same oil and filters and maintains his consumers’ vehicles in the car service station.

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