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Vesna, LLC
Spare parts distributor

Vesna-Auto is one of the top five spare parts wholesalers in Ukraine.

Since 2000, it has been providing spare parts for various types of transportation, from both original manufacturers and alternative suppliers.

To point out, Vesna-Auto has evolved from a family-owned business in a small village into an extensive network of retail and service partners throughout Ukraine, consistently delivering hundreds of thousands of components to them.

Trident Software has been implementing information systems for Vesna-Auto since 2006, facilitating a platform for its growth.

Market leader issues


The founders of Vesna Auto, as they entered a new stage of development, recognized the necessity to further enhance their software infrastructure. It formerly used several outdated systems, including the B2B website.

A significant surge in both customer numbers and business transactions has taken place swiftly. Thus, it resulted in an expansion of the workforce. Under those circumstances, scalability and security issues had to be resolved.

A decision was made to review and automate as many of the company’s operations as feasible, with the use of web technology to engage customers.


The implementing purpose

The owners created a strategic plan for the development and expansion of the spare parts distributor business.

Most importantly, the IT infrastructure plays a vital role. Indeed, one of the primary objectives was to develop a contemporary and competitive b2b portal.

The functionality of the portal should be designed to achieve the objectives:

  1. Increased Efficiency
  2. Improved Accuracy
  3. Greater Convenience
  4. Increased Sales

Trident Software analysts and Customer business specialists defined the goals

The definition of objectives

Increased Efficiency

Order processing and inventory management should be automated using a B2B e-commerce platform. Speed up order processing, freeing up corporate resources for other tasks.

Improved Accuracy

Customers should be able to make purchases online, access their order history, and monitor shipments and payments through a self-service portal. Reduce the staff’s role in the customer’s order flow, therefore preventing errors.

Competitive Advantage

Vesna should provide a more simple, efficient, and accurate sales procedure to stand apart. In other words, this may boost the company’s market position and customer retention.

Reduced Costs

The expenses related to order processing, inventory management, and customer support should be reduced through B2B-portal.

Greater Convenience

A B2B e-commerce platform should streamline the process of placing orders for customers, from anywhere and at any time. As a result, this improves the convenience and accessibility of the company’s services, ultimately assisting in attracting new clients and enhancing their overall experience.

Increased Sales

The implementation of a B2B e-commerce platform is expected to boost the business’s sales volume and revenue by reaching a larger audience and making it easier for customers to place orders. This, in turn, will contribute to the company’s increased profitability and competitiveness in the market.

This has been achieved


The founders were aware that relying solely on internal growth capabilities would not be enough. Therefore, they understood the need to be adaptable and make prompt decisions. Building upon their extensive track record of successful collaborations and their exceptional history in similar automotive sector projects, the client reengaged with Trident Software.

Obstacles ​

Trident Software specialists proposed a complete modernization project that included the adoption of the iAM-Trade platform, a microservices-based architecture, and various additional solutions.

  • Created a complex microservices architecture around the iAM-Trade platform in the first stage, which was critical to the project’s success.
  • The solution provider agreed to install the new WMS system, and developers began designing and implementing the connector system between older information systems and those scheduled for later.
  • The road map and project requirements also accounted for CRM system integration plans.
  • Several functionalities, such as WMS, CRM, accounting, and others, were taken from the monolithic solution and refactored as a new set of iAM-Trade-based microservices to begin the deconstruction of the legacy system.

Order Management

Spare parts distributor management aimed to enhance the B2B site’s functionality with improved user interfaces and order management capabilities. However, due to interdependencies, the site couldn’t maintain 24/7 operation. It faced challenges like high traffic, inventory issues, connectivity problems, and competitor-sponsored online attacks.

Instead, iAM-Trade supported partial delivery, detailed order status up to a single item, push alerts via SMS or email, personal managers, and other features.

Pricing management

Prior design reached its maximum performance, and the system could not handle expansion beyond 6 million spare component places. Monthly downtime was rising to hundreds of hours. The system was unreplaceable for several reasons.

iAM-Trade offered adjustable pricing formulation with multiple techniques, integration of price lists from different suppliers, customized discounts, upselling, and cross selling, particularly in package offers, and other services.

Supplier and Partner Management

The added capability significantly enhanced the supply chain planning procedures including manufacturers, logistic firms, and partners.

Product Management

The Trident Software team has integrated a wide variety of product categories and search filters, as well as automated product information management and replacement and analog search engines. Due to the outstanding performance of iAM-Trade and the provision of a dedicated server for pricing management operations, the total number of supported goods surpassed 50 million items.


We augmented the capabilities of the iAM-Trade portal with a specialized online monitoring system that automates the extraction of price data from the websites of competitors.


We are pleased with our relationship with Trident Software. The installation and integration of the microservices architecture and e-commerce platform were successful. The development team at Trident Software satisfied all criteria, and the senior management of the client obtained many adaptable alternatives for monitoring, controlling, and designing business operations.

customer feedback

We have been working with Trident Software since 2014. Their team is very professional in its approach to the projects.

They developed the e-commerce B2B & B2C portal for us and support it now. Always study customers’ wishes to make the most efficient offer.

A great team that is always happy to provide advice if needed. We wish you all the best in your work.

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