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The engineering company equipment.

Location: EU

Timeline: Sep, 2022 – Feb, 2023

Optimizing Operations: MIST*(NDA) ERP System Success

The project is under a strong NDA. "MIST" is the alias.

MIST is an engineering company that develops and produces high-tech equipment for prototyping and manufacturing. In fact, its equipment is available in over 4000 variations, supplemented by consumables and engineering services.

In a short period of time, a young team of skilled experts developed innovative technology, propelling them to market leadership. This made it possible for them to sign contracts with top companies in the automotive, aviation, and other industries.

Market leader issues


The company offers advanced software and hardware solutions. Therefore, the selection of essential equipment and services is quite challenging for the customers.

The MIST management decided to strengthen customer interactions and create a B2B portal.  Also, two short-term goals have been specified:

  • Facilitate online purchasing for customers
  • Customer user support center


The implementing purpose

The company possessed a large information infrastructure, used numerous systems developed in-house, and utilized third-party software.

On one side, the Sage ERP system was chosen to manage and integrate core business processes. At the same time, we used the Task Management System for providing technical support to customer users and for integrating with iAM-trade.

MIST has a considerable number of patents and innovative technological developments. Under those circumstances, the safety criteria were very stringent.

The foundation of microservice architecture underlies iAM-Trade. This certainly allows for seamless implementation of complex integrations while ensuring the necessary level of security.

This has been achieved


Integrating various microservices from iAM-trade, MIST incorporated them into their infrastructure, alongside the creation of a support center platform.

Sage ERP system integration

The team developed a microservice for integrating the Sage ERP system and iAM-trade. This significantly facilitated both scheduled and real-time data transfers. With security in mind, the system was customized.

The system stores only unique IDs, preventing any potential information that attackers could exploit.

Support center

The support center system allows storing reference material in text and video formats, accessible through pre-signed URLs that prevent users from sharing. Furthermore, videos are stored on a proprietary infrastructure, adding an extra layer of difficulty for unauthorized downloading and illegal use.

Order Management

iAM-trade was customized with the company’s workflows in mind. In particular, the specific delivery circumstances and shipping cost calculations were taken into consideration.


This project does not make use of the iAM-Trade pricing system in any way. Instead, the company uses the Sage ERP system to set prices, making them accessible online through the same system.

User identity and access

Sage ERP and the Task Management System each have their storage locations for the various user profiles and access levels they include.

The company chose a third-party user management system and seamlessly integrated it with Sage ERP, iAM-Trade, and the Task Management System.

Product Management

Customers and consumers get access to a vast amount of product information:

  • Competitive analysis
  • Galery and video
  • Specifications
  • Customer feedback and engagement
  • Technical knowledge

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