Builders' merchants

Businesses, also known as “Building supply companies” or “Construction suppliers”, provide local craftsmen the needed materials, tools, and other items required for construction/renovation projects, accompanying services.

The nature of the segment makes it highly competitive for retail companies.
Smaller, individual merchants and small building supply companies often avoid doing business with huge construction businesses because they cannot compete on pricing with larger chains.
Customers of an independent are often small local contractors or builders, and other craftsmen, such as: 

  • builders
  • electricians 
  • plumbers
  • roofers 
  • painters and decorators
  • landscape gardeners
  • joiners etc.
Accompanying services: cutting, drilling, or machine rental services.
Take advantage:
  • Tailored catalogues and product description.
    Because of the different groupings of products, it is critical to develop a catalog for each category of goods and Clients.
  • Account management.
    Facilities with varying credit terms based on the Client, the Client’s contract, and the product category the Client purchases.
  • Adaptable pricing and discounting model
    The group of the customer, the product category, the number of days of delayed payment, and the delivery conditions determine trade discounts and special pricing.
  • Delivery and transport management.
    Offering delivery to clients is commonplace in this sector. Services, allowing customers to have the products delivered directly to the job site

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